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If you want to change your life, 
you have to change your mind

Character Quake:

    David broke his nose at least 4 times between basketball, parties, fights and krav maga.  But that’s not the interesting part. 

    He didn’t come to see me because he couldn’t breathe through his nose eventhough he couldn’t.  He came for a constant cough and throat clearing which had become annoying to everyone around him.  He blamed it on his allergies or a cold he never got rid of.  But it didn’t put him down or stop him from working so he accepted it as a habit. 
    Until people kept asking him if he was sick.  Or closer colleagues actually demanded “Can you fix that thing you do because it is hard to concentrate when you have phlegm vibrating behind your voice?” 
    For 20 years, I have seen patients like this.  But that’s not the interesting part. 

    I treated David with medications and sprays and eventually a surgery.  It was not an easy surgery.  His bone was rock hard from all the infections.  But after several weeks, he lost his postnasal drip.  His voice became clearer.  He felt better.  In fact, he was shocked. 
    He never knew he could feel this good.  He had resolved that the problem was part of who he was.  He accepted it.  He never knew he could be better.  I love this part! 
    So many patients come in with decades of a problem which they have considered “normal” because they have accepted it as normal.  Over and over, I see patients who settle for problems because they tell themselves it is “as good as it gets”. 
    They don’t realize that life can actually get better until they get there.  When we stop trying to improve a problem and accept it,  WE become the reason we have the problem.  We acclimate so well that we forget that BETTER is possible. 
    It is only when they have healed and improved that they tell me…
“I never knew I could breathe like this!” 
“I never thought I could have this much energy!”  “
I never heard my voice so clear.” 

    They learn that BETTER is the real normal. 

    It reminds me every day that what we think is normal may simply be what we accept but does not have to be the way we live. 

    Whether it’s 20 extra pounds, a sad relationship or a boring job, I believe today can always be better if we don’t settle for less.  WE can determine what our true normal is by making choices and changes to make our lives better. 

     Where have you settled for less than your dream?
     I challenge you to define your new norm.


Provocative Quote:  
If you keep doing what you’re doing,
you’ll keep getting what you’re getting.


Les Brown

Catalyst Questions:  
How can you make today different from yesterday?
How can interrupt a pattern you want to improve?

Constructive Quest:  
Interrupt a habit you want to break. 
Force yourself to react differently than you always do.
Try a new strategy, a new path, a new answer and see where it takes you.

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